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Nightmare Moon and Princess Luna Sleeping by 90Sigma

very good art skills, nice coloring, but i think what is required is a baackround. though I see if the artist was unable to draw one. though it looks like their floating with the angle of the legs. Is luna's wings supposed to be blocked out by her hair because then we would still see a little bit of her wing then. though again very nice job using coloring and skill but I believe a backround could be used. I still think this is a good art. the only thing near a problem is luna's wings are gone. nice art
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90Sigma Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012
Luna's wing is visible. It's partially obscured by her mane and Nightmare's leg, but it is there. You can check the normal manes/tails version if you like, where the wing is more easily seen.

I don't normally do backgrounds. A background for this would just be a bed and the floor and probably would not add much to the image.

You weren't the only one to mention that it looked like they were floating. To clarify: it's meant to be a top-down view.

Thank you for the feedback!
darklordAWSOMEDUDE Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2012  Student General Artist
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